From MVY to Maine: Now Booking Stone Restoration for Summer Properties

Mar 10, 2021

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From Maine to Martha’s Vineyard we have your stone care needs covered! Our clients are starting to think about opening up their summer homes, and our commercial clients are looking forward to opening us their venues for Spring and Summer 2021!

As New England’s premier marble and stone restoration company, we pride ourselves on being able to travel to all locations to ensure our clients get the best in service and products. The last few weeks we have had crews on Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard. Next week we will be down the Cape, and have jobs scheduled in Maine.

We are the only certified applicator of MORE anti-etch coating in all of New England!


Restore, Polish, Seal & Protect Your Stone Surfaces

If you have a summer property or rent out your home, this is the very best time to have your natural stone and tile cleaned, sealed, and polished for the summer to come. Plus, we aren’t limited to floors and countertops; we also offer exterior work so if you have stone counters around your grilling area or a natural stone pool deck, we can get that in tip-top shape too!

Rentals, Realtors & Resort Owners

If you are an agent, rental owner, or manage a resort property, this is a great time to address any stone or tile needs. Don’t miss out on those precious summer weeks – call 781-793-0700

Happy Spring Cleaning from Boston Stone Restoration!

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