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Feb 26, 2014

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Dirty grout is the bane of any tile-loving property owner. Unsightly grout is inevitable with time and use, why else would there be such a sea of tile & grout cleaning products on the market? If your tile and grout is accumulating dirt faster than you can keep up, we offer a few solutions that will correct problems, beautify the look and protect your precious floors better.

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If you have tiled floors, over time, the grout in between the tiles (known as the joints) may start to look dirty no matter how hard you clean them. Furthermore, sometimes grout comes loose and the crevices that result, can weaken the safety of the floor and can become a great hiding place for dirt and grime.  So as a homeowner what are your options? Here are three different solutions depending upon the severity of the problem.

Problem 1:
Dirty grout
If your grout joints are just dirty and with a little elbow grease you can clean them, you probably would benefit from a hot water, high pressure professional cleaning. In addition to saving the elbow grease and the time on your hands and knees it will pull out dirt and grime that has been absorbed into the grout over time. We finish with a clear sealer to help protect the grout going forward.

Problem 2:
Inconsistent color in grout, or too light or dark grout
Often times no matter how hard we clean, some grout will look cleaner than other spots and you are left with an inconsistent color across the floor. This can happen if original grout was not sealed and too much time has passed to get all the dirt and grime out just by the hot water, high pressure cleaning.  Fortunately, we offer a service by which we “color seal” the grout joints after we clean them. By using a tinted rather than a clear sealer we essentially paint the lines a new color. This is also beneficial if you don’t like the color and want to change it altogether.

Problem 3:
Loose tiles, missing grout
This is the most severe of the problems, but don’t worry, at Boston Stone Restoration we specialize in Re-grouting. This is the process by which we grind out all the old crumbling and loose grout. We can also replace cracked tiles and reinstall ones that have become loose. We them re-apply new grout in the color of your choosing and finally we seal with a clear sealer.

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