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Aug 7, 2023

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As experts in stone care, we understand the reasons behind people’s love for stone. They want marble, soapstone, tile and other natural stone surfaces that are clean, easy to maintain, smooth, and attractive. Stone can be both strong and beautiful, making spaces look fresh and polished. However, it’s important to recognize that maintaining stone is an important part of a home upkeep plan and even with a material as timeless as marble or granite.

Stone care professionals are helpful in two important scenarios concerning property ownership and management. Firstly, their expertise is indispensable when it comes to updating or restoring antique, vintage, worn, or damaged stone surfaces. Secondly, after the installation of new stone surfaces, an expert can efficiently address any issues that may arise like lippage or staining. In all cases, they can also help finish the stone surfaces by apply sealing and coating solutions, ensuring the stone remains functional, practical and easy to maintain in the long term.

Hiring a Stone Restoration Pro for Antique, Vintage, Worn, or Damaged Stone Surfaces

Cleaning: Stone surfaces endure a lot, accumulating stains, mold, built-up dirt, soap residue, and more. A stone care professional can effectively clean most types of stone, restoring their beauty.

Honing: Minor imperfections, scratches, and discolorations on stone surfaces can be rectified by honing or grinding the top layer of stone with abrasive pads, resulting in a smooth and consistent surface.

Polishing & Shining: Achieving the glossy polish seen on marble slabs, countertops, and tiles requires skillful use of polishing machines and special abrasives. We offer various finishes, such as glossy, matte, honed, antiqued, leathered, brushed, satin, or natural, tailored to your preferences.

Protection: Our stone restoration professionals collaborate with you to determine the best protection strategies based on the stone’s location, usage, and desired maintenance. We then apply or install the most suitable solution.

Chip Repair: Countertops often suffer from chipping along the edges. Our stone professionals can expertly repair most chips, making them nearly invisible.

Hiring a Stone Restoration Pro After a New Stone Installation

Lippage Correction: Lippage occurs when tiles are uneven or not lying flat, leading to discomfort and aesthetic displeasure. This issue typically arises due to inexperienced installation or an uneven subfloor. To address lippage, the uneven tiles must be ground down until they are flush and uniform.

sealing flagstone patio

Sealing: While some countertops come pre-sealed, others may require additional protection. Applying a proper penetrating sealer helps fill the stone’s pores, minimizing staining caused by improper cleaning or forgotten spills.

Coating: Acid-sensitive stones like marble, limestone, travertine, and onyx are susceptible to etching. Our proprietary product offers an ultra-low visibility, super-thin coating that shields your stone countertop surface against the toughest stains and caustic solutions. We provide a 10-year warranty against acid etching and staining, and most applications can be completed within a day.

Stone Finish Alterations: Stones can be finished in various ways, such as glossy, non-glossy, honed, antiqued, leathered, brushed, satin, or natural. If you are dissatisfied with your current stone finish, we can modify it to your preference.

If you encounter any of the mentioned issues or need stone restoration services, feel free to contact Boston Stone Restoration. Our services cover Greater Boston and the Providence to Nashua, NH corridor, ensuring your natural stone surfaces receive the care and attention they deserve.

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