How Long Does Stone Restoration Take? Is It Messy?

Apr 9, 2015

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Many people are put off about marble restoration for fear of how it will impact the use of their home or business.

They think it will be noisy, messy and take too long. How could you possibly be without use of your bathroom or foyer for several days or a week?  The truth is, most of our residential projects take no more than two days. The work is no louder than a vacuum cleaner, and it is not messy or dusty! We use a wet process, so more of a slurry is created, which we are very quick to clean up. We take great care in  masking  and protecting surrounding flooring, and cabinetry before we start. And we wear booties so, Once restored it should be easy to maintain.

We provide all sorts of services from re-grouting, to tile replacement to full marble restoration often with the same low impact on your home and time.

Another misconception is that it is hard to clean. Once restored it is easy to maintain as long as you use take care and use the proper cleaner. We sell a wonderful pH neutral stone cleaner in concentrated quarts. All you have to do is dilute it in a bucket or spray bottle and use to keep your stone looking gorgeous after we walk out the door.  For those customers who have many kids or pets, we often visit their homes annually to ensure their stone always looks it best.

Here are examples of two residential projects we recently completed. The below is a bathroom that we restored to a semi-gloss finish, above is a foyer that we restored to high gloss!

How long does stone floor polishing take

semi-gloss marble refinisihing


You know it is officially Spring when you see the street sweepers cleaning up all that nasty sand and salt that line our New England roadways, and they are out in full force.  So you can’t put off the restoration of your home marble flooring because of weather anymore. Natural stone, like everything else, took a beating this winter, no matter how careful you were. Sand and salt gets trekked in and your natural stone floors get etched and scratched. Whether they were damaged from the winter or have simply seen too many years without a refinishing, it is a snap to restore marble for the professionals.


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