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Oct 2, 2014

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In our unique industry there are many terms we use so that describe specific stone care services, finishes and tools.  Our goal is to be as transparent as possible with our customers, so here is a list of commonly used terms by all stone and tile restorers.

As always, if you ever have a question about how or why a stone restoration process is used, call us at BSR(781) 793-0700, we’re here to help.


  1. Diamond Hone or hone: to grind the surface of the stone to remove scratches, stains, etch marks and other damage.
  2. Polish: by using special polishing compounds or special polish pads we will create a finish of your choosing (see below).
  3. Matte finish or satin finish: this is a flat smooth finish with little reflection.
  4. Semi-gloss finish: this finish has a nice sheen and a bit a shine.
  5. High gloss finish: this is the shiniest finish and should reflect like a mirror.
  6. Etching: caused by an acidic product coming in contact with you stone, etch marks are actually areas where the surface has been eroded.
  7. Grout: the product used in between tiles to secure them.
  8. Caulk: a flexible epoxy used to fill seams and joints where two stone surfaces meet.
  9. Poultice: a paste like substance when applied to the surface of a stone used to draw stains out.
  10. pH neutral: cleaning products that are pH neutral have neither a base or acidic content. They will not damage stone as the other products will.

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