fireplace facing cleaning service maWe have cleaned and restored many fireplaces, mantels and fireplace facings over the years in both homes and commercial settings. Fireplace areas are so often overlooked when restoring, renovating or deep cleaning a space, but as anyone who has had this type of work done can tell you, a clean, polished fireplace makes all the difference.

We were recently called on to restore two travertine fireplaces in one of the ballrooms of Boston’s Park Plaza Hotel. Made of unfilled travertine, the fireplaces were yellowed and dingy after years of exposure. After Boston Stone worked on them, they were restored to the original grandeur worthy of the Park Plaza.

One of the Grand Dames of Boston design and architecture is the Boston, MA Park Plaza Hotel and Towers. Built in 1927 in the heart of the city it boasts a striking lobby, elegant appointments and lots and lots of Marble!


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