Write your injuries in dust, your benefits in marble.” ~Franklin


How lucky we are to work with natural stone! Here at Boston Stone Restoration, we are passionate about stone renovation, polishing & care. Why do we love stone so much? Here  are just a few reasons:

Durable and Classic

different stone colorsThe greatest thing about using natural stone in your home is it is made to last a lifetime. Whatever stone you work with, Carrara from Italy, Thassos from Greece, Vermont slate or granite from New Hampshire, your stone is millions of years old. It has stood the test of time and will never go out of style.

Natural Stone’s Beauty and Range of Colors

There are so many wonderful options when choosing natural stone in your home. There are traditional whites, grays, and creams. There are regal gold, black, red and green marble. But if you choose Onyx you could have purple or blue. There are solid stones and stone that has beautiful patterns. The options are endless!

A Fit For Any Budget

Due to the popularity of stone, and the wide range of products to choose from it is not hard to find something for your budget.  Some stone is very pricey but most fabricators offer more reasonable choices as well. It is also very important to use a reputable installer who know how to template and install all types of stone.

If you are lucky enough to own stone, feel free to call us for a restoration and polishing quote: 781-793-0700