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Limestone Bath Mini Makeover: Fractures, Holes & Polishing

Feb 25, 2021

In February, a Boston homeowner with a marble shower and bathroom challenge asked BSR to help with a project that involved significant crack & hole repair and mitigation along with our signature stone restoration and polishing services.

Our Boston, Massachusetts client had damage to her cream and coffee-colored limestone bathroom. The ceiling and walls had major water damage from the condo above, leaving her upscale bathroom in bad shape. The homeowner took the opportunity to do a mini bathroom makeover, including ceiling work as well as adding a new shower enclosure which left her with some cracks and holes that needed professional attention.

Some of the limestone tile was cracked from the original bathroom enclosure and other tile was damaged from settling so our team individually matched the color with a liquid epoxy, overfilled the gaps then sanded the tile down. Once complete we honed and polished the entire surface to a high gloss.

Similarly, we color matched and filled the limestone drill holes with a color matched epoxy, sanded and polished.

When patching was complete, we honed and polished the entire limestone area bath to a sparkling finish. The client was very happy and her bathroom is truly an oasis again!

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Limestone Bath Mini Makeover: Fractures, Holes & Polishing

In February, a Boston homeowner with a marble shower and bathroom challenge asked BSR to help with...