Have you ever been to Earl’s Restaurant? Located at the Prudential Center in Downtown Boston, this high end, locally loved eatery is centered around dishes that make people want to come back for more.

With lots of people comes lots of traffic, and lots of traffic comes lots of wear for areas such as floors and bathroom sinks.

Our BSR team recently got called in to give their ladies’ room some TLC before the craziness of the summer season set in. This black marble floor was previously coated with wax, so we stripped it and honed it down to remove any signs of damage or wear. Once the damage was gone, we polished and resealed the floor to its former glory.

The vanities also got an upgrade thanks to a little help from MORE Anti-Etch. As you know, this innovative solution forms a durable, ultra-low visibility, super-thin, coating that prevents the toughest stains and caustic solutions from coming in contact with marble countertop surfaces. We removed the sinks and removed all etching from the vanities before applying MORE to the surfaces to keep them protected.

Is it time to give your restaurant’s high traffic areas some love? Summer’s quickly approaching and you know you’ll want to be on top of your game. Let us help! Stone is our passion and we are able to provide innovative and pragmatic solutions to even the most challenging issues! Give our team a call today at 781-793-0700.