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Stone Maintenance Plans: Commercial & Home Marble and Natural Stone Surfaces

Oct 21, 2021

Home 9 Case Study 9 Stone Maintenance Plans: Commercial & Home Marble and Natural Stone Surfaces
Did you know we offer flexible maintenance plans in eastern Massachusetts, Rhode Island and parts of New Hampshire, including monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual programs for all kinds of interiors? Keep your surfaces fully protected, perfectly polished, and avoid long-term accumulating damage.
Stone surfaces can quickly lose their shine when regular maintenance gets away from us or isn’t a part of a regularly scheduled program. Boston Stone Restoration can get rid of scratches and grime and then create a maintenance plan to ensure surfaces, floors and grout lines remain clean and stain-free.
Recently we visited one of our maintenance program clients at the Ritz-Carlton Residences in Boston for their annual 
Our team cleaned, polished and restored the home’s bold tiled entry floor, comprised of Cream Bella Limestone and black limestone (likely Nero Marquina). 
After that we restored the Strato Olympia Marble bathroom, removing built up soap from the shower walls and minor scratches from the marble herringbone floor. 
The homeowner can rest easy knowing we have them covered and their marble will always look great.
When it comes to stone maintenance, the only way to keep a stone’s shine and maximize its life is proper maintenance. We use only the highest quality finishing strategies and products to ensure that your surfaces remain shiny, durable, and slip-resistant.
Our marble, limestone, soapstone, terrazzo, ceramic and other natural stone
maintenance services include:
  • Honing
  • Polishing
  • Chip & crack repair
  • Re-caulking
    Hot water high pressure cleaning
Boston Stone Restoration the hard surface restoration leader in New England.

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