There is one very important reason to hire a stone professional to work on your marble surfaces: sometimes things are not as they seem.

Boston Stone Restoration was contacted by a property manager to provide an estimate for a floor restoration on Beacon St in the Back Bay. The client said the floor was green and white limestone. He had tried another company who tried to polish it with no success. Only the white was polishing the green did nothing. He described the method the other company used and it puzzled us as well. So we decided to a test to determine if, in fact, the green tile was limestone. Limestone is very acid sensitive due to the calcium content in the stone.  If the green tile were limestone they would fizz when acid was applied. When we applied acid to the green tiles nothing happened!  It turns out the green part of floor was actually Vermont slate!  Slate requires a completely different method for restoration. So we use two distinct methods, side by side to achieve the desired result.

Often the most important job a stone professional can do is understand the stone, and know the right questions to ask when things are not as initially seem.  The client was very happy that we were able to solve the problem!

Limestone and slate restoration 172 Beacon Before


Limestone and slate restoration 172 Beacon After