Restoring New England’s Old Stone Floors

Jul 26, 2023

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As communities grapple with the delicate balance between development and heritage preservation, companies like Boston Stone Restoration help safeguard the architectural gems of the past.

Over the years, we’ve worked on many projects that show our dedication to preserving history. From the worn mosaic floors in Newport to the beautiful marble floors in historic libraries, we use our expertise to bring life back to these storied stone surfaces. Our work ensures that these places will last for many more years. Let’s explore a few of our favorite restoration projects that demonstrate our strong commitment to preserving stones in historic locations.

1.  Forest Hills Cemetery – Boston
The Lucy Stone Chapel was undergoing a major renovation; the walls and ceiling were being prepped for refurbishment and the team wondered if the interesting mosaic floor that had been buried beneath the carpets of the main chapel could be brought back. Boston Stone Restoration was then contracted to remove the glue and debris that remained after the carpet was ripped out, then restore and polish the original marble mosaic flooring to a high shine.
A true icon, The Wilbur Theater has been an integral part of Boston’s cultural scene since its construction in 1914 by the renowned Shubert Brothers. Named after their friend A.L. Wilbur, the theater’s Federal Revival style architecture exudes elegance. Engaging with history, Boston Stone Restoration took on the task of restoring the marble lobby floors, walls, and stairs, ensuring that visitors can continue to marvel at its grandeur for years to come.
Overlooking historic Bellevue Avenue, the Belcourt Castle has a storied past dating back to its construction between 1891-1894. Initially serving as a summer home for Oliver Belmont, the mansion boasts impressive architecture. Boston Stone Restoration contributed to the ongoing massive renovation by restoring the pavers and a magnificent 4,000 square foot mosaic ballroom. This effort helps preserve the legacy of one of Newport’s architectural gems.
The Boston Public Library, built in 1888, stands proudly in Back Bay’s Copley Square, serving as a city landmark and treasure. Adorned with beautiful marble floors with inlaid stone, the library is a testament to timeless elegance. Boston Stone Restoration’s meticulous work in restoring a magnificent marble floor, hallway, and staircase showcases their dedication to preserving such historical treasures.
Nestled at 44 Bow St. in Cambridge, the Harvard Lampoon Building is an architectural gem within Harvard University’s campus. Designed by Edmund M. Wheelwright and erected in 1909, the building is known for its rich history. Boston Stone Restoration played a crucial role in the preservation by meticulously cleaning and restoring the 100-year-old tile mosaic floor, preserving its beauty for future generations.
These projects represent just a few examples of Boston Stone Restoration’s commitment to preservation. By breathing new life into these historic properties, they not only honor the past but also contribute to the cultural fabric of the communities they serve.
At Boston Stone Restoration, we’re proud to be part of efforts to preserve our architectural heritage. Our dedication to restoring and looking after historic buildings is a clear sign of how much we value past workmanship while also moving towards a sustainable future. We know it’s not easy to find the right balance between new development and preservation, but we believe it’s worth the effort. We’ll continue to do our best to protect these treasures, as well as new installations and everything in between for generations to come.

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